Why ask this question ?

How well do you know your business?

You need to know what vital business success measurements you are missing.  If you do not know already, it is because a lot of companies don’t.  This provides you with the much-needed “edge” in this industry; that one advantage that will set you apart from competition:


What we ought to give you right NOW

The considerable domino effects of quality service equates to improved business outcomes, a healthy growth in revenue and market share, enhanced estate turnover and overall commerce efficiency.

Let me acquaint you with the above mentioned optimistic affirmations with a clear-cut plan in knowing your business more than you did before.

So, how well do you know your business?

Did you, at all, monitor the trend of your customer’s demands? Are you trending towards one hundred percent service quality? Your increasing customer volume creates an intensified diversity of customer needs and wants.  Not only that, you are faced with industry antagonists that are ready to match your best.

Where are you right now in meeting both your customer demand levels and competition volume? Have you reckoned, considered and weighted the number of times that you have to make up for a signified frustrated client?

At length, have you stumbled upon a lack of clear and gauge-able parameters that factor in all limitations, constraints, restrictions and issues in regards with service quality gaps?

Service Quality Excellence

If not full control or monopoly, competitive advantage is what you strive for every single day that you are in this trade and commerce.   And this is to say the least.  More than anything, service excellence is imperative in the hospitality business.  Strategic operational quality management is going to be your fundamental key in achieving the perfect recipe for what we all know as SUCCESS.

Have a good understanding of your customer needs

It is a hospitality business requirement to recognize your client’s expectations.  But it does and should not stop there.  Set your expectations appropriately and stick to them.  An expectation’s relative importance to the hospitality business would help you determine satisfaction gaps and bridge them as you progress.

Quantify quality

Quality measurements, quality assurance, and quality control are multifaceted progression measurements which all boils down to one assessable piece in the hospitality puzzle:  Are you clients satisfied with your service?

How are you measuring Service Quality?

The “class” that your restaurant’s comfortable tables and chairs brings and the scrumptious and delectable desserts on your menu are both corporeal products that are definite and simple to qualify.  Quality control can be plain and apparent in this situation.

However, the services that you provide as a hospitality business are provisions that can be considered intangible.  If this intangible provision indeed calls for Quality Assurance, how do you measure it?

How are you evaluating it right now?  Consistent assessment is a sure way to track progress and business direction.  Surely, the same level of service quality can be provided by a nearby hotel or restaurant.

How do you come on top then? We will show you how.