Staff Recruitment

Confidently hiring the right people

So how do you find the right person to work in your hospitality business? Be mindful that using “right” in this context can mean a lot of things. In general, the right people that should be working for you should promote increased productivity in your workplace but not a workaholic. They should be responsible and accountable to your clients at all times.

After all, your employees are the primary point of contact, or should I say, front liners for your clients. They deal with them every single day and the least that you would want to have are the worst people working for you.

Reliable and self-motivated people are becoming hard to find. Labor laws can become very limiting too and to some extent, affects what hospitality businesses often need.

Do not sabotage your front line defense and give us call. We have got just the right people fit for your business.

Why employee retention is important

The answer is simple yet the impact to your business is vast: employee attrition is too costly. So you have now got the right people working for you. Many hospitality companies now fail to realize that their employees are one of their important assets since human behavior is not something that can be learned or taught. Their innate customer service skills are fast becoming scarce.

You are losing precious time training new employees; you’ve wasted knowledge, and to make things worse, encourage employee apprehension. And the list goes on.

Retaining your best workers safeguards customer satisfaction, so to speak. Contented employees are a must to guarantee top notch performance which in turn gives you excellent client feedback, not to mention increase in sales. And if we begin to speak about your long term health and success, I think it is already obvious what this means for your hotel.

Have you looked into your employee turnover in the past years? Or are you just starting and wondering how to retain your high achievers?

We are here to help.

Supervising high achievers

This is the trickier side of the fence. Positive reinforcement on high performing employees is a very demanding task. They do not need that much administration, guidance and they are usually self-motivated. More than flexibility and added monetary costs, you can retain your top talents and keep them doing what they do best, make business grow and flourish.

What you need is us.

The other side of the fence

Are you ready to meet the industry’s high demand for quality hospitality staff? A staff full of qualified and well experienced workers is a result of a decent hospitality recruiting strategy which we have at your disposal. But if all else falls short, you will be faced with poor performing workers.

Your employees are collecting paychecks, more so, the same pay checks as everyone else regardless of their performance. Do not let them get away with this.

The idea is to deal with low performance and do something about it before the problem goes large that it can’t be ignored. We do constant and consistent evaluations on your low performers.

We engage, act fast, and will persistently monitor your staff operations.