Making sure you are provided with everything

Roughly 50% of businesses in general go down under in just a few years. Some if not most could be accounted for poor and ineffective marketing approaches. Marketing “substance” that are not unique and distinctive enough are often overshadowed by the competition. Sales would then take a slump, often taken positively as a slow start but in reality – you are losing money.

Working on a very limited budget often pushes small businesses to not settle with professionals in the field. Remember that business launch is by far the most critical stage, make or break part of your journey as a hospitality business. There is no problem resorting to your own marketing materials but that puts the risk of failure is at a much higher rate.

Our partners are here to provide you with your needs

Your brand logo(s) could determine how effective your market presence is

Shortcuts are often risky. But a quick route to business success wouldn’t hurt as much. Your logo gives you market presence. The benefit you get from being visible and likewise credible is crucial to business growth and success.

Investing on a well designed logo is an investment that will pay off sooner than you think.

IT solutions and website: Because first impressions last

Often, this would be half as important to the hospitality business. A good website is more than likely an overlooked marketing material in our field.

A well-designed website makes up for the distance. Web surfers all over the world are going to be looking for a hotel to stay on their next trip in town. They are not going to travel only to be disappointed with the services. They do not want to be surprised with mediocre facilities, too.

Sure, aesthetics or the overall look of your website could say a lot about how you invest in marketing. It is indeed one factor among many that clients are to be considering. You would like to have as much competitive advantage on your side but professionally speaking, fancy animations just won’t cut it.

Service quality and mystery shoppers

Are you losing customers in the past few months? You need to know that apart from customers who use your feedback form, there is quite a few number (an alarming percentage indeed) that choose to remain silent and just goes to the competition.

This marketplace is selling hospitality and customer satisfaction and retention should be our top priority. Fact of the matter is it would take you quadruple the cost (more, actually) to attract new customers that retain old ones.

Poor customer service spreads like a plague through word of mouth. Let us mystery-shop you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Legal, accounting and everything else

Are you in need legal and financial/accounting advise? We have the right people who can do things for you, in any aspect of the hospitality business. Tapping into these resources that are within our reach are one of the few attributes that makes us the best in the field.

Here are some of the people we trust, our partners: