Cafe Location

From a scale of one to ten

Location can rank the highest or otherwise when we talk about the most important factors that you should consider when investing.  Selecting the right cafe/restaurant location for your business can be near the top of your list and it can even not make it.  If all else fails, stay on the beaten path.

Creating the need

Is the need for your product present on the location that you are planning to establish it? Or do you still need to create the need and establish grounds? You’ll get what I mean in a bit.

Food is a commodity that all of us enjoy, not mentioning that it is a daily requirement for living.  When putting up a food business, you do not need to create a need.  Just pretty much anywhere, food will sell, regardless.  This only means that your location is the least of your problems.

Where there is a need, there should be you

The location for a restaurant or hotel business could either mean disaster or failure.  While you already know the concept of creating the need, we are still gambling with success and failure.  Maybe a restaurant could be best found in the Central Business District of a specific City where almost everyone works 18-hours a day where the need for food is round-the-clock?  In the same case, should a hotel be best established on a location where your target market is upper middle-class?

Only we could tell.


Does your restaurant need to be in a mall where you can cater to customers of all ages? Do you need that highest visibility that you can get?  Does your business logistics and geographic location tend to take advantage of the advertising possibilities that you have available?

Client Convenience

Know your clients and find out what conveniences would sell.  Are you easy to locate? Are parking spaces enough and close by? Note that each human condition may mean a different concept of “convenient”.   Remember that in a hospitality business you are most often going to sell convenience.

On our field, convenience will sell like hotcakes.  Your hotel’s location should be close to transport stations and city landmarks, to say the least.  It being easy to find will work both for you in a marketing perspective, and for your clients in a convenience standpoint.

Safety and security

Equally important, both client safety and security should pose as an important issue for both your clientele and the staff that you employ.

We do your homework for you

What, where and how is your competition doing? Do not underestimate the power of competition within your area.  These are some of the many business challenges that result from not selecting the most ideal cafe/restaurant location for your business

Remember that choosing your location wisely could lead to a higher success rate but could also pose some monetary tradeoffs; quite possibly a higher lease rate which then affects your profitability.

A bad location on the other hand may not be as luxurious, but what difference does it make if clients can’t even go there?

You’ll be fighting a losing battle right from the start.