Cafe Leases

The challenge is on

If planning for your new business isn’t a challenge already, working with a budget that is virtually too little to operate with can be a hindrance in getting your most ideal market place.

Landlords and long term agreements are not your enemies sometimes

You need to understand that your typical landlord together with commercial leasing agents would most often than not settle for long term agreements or cafe/restaurant leases for one sole reason: this is a sure shot solid cash flow, which all of us are comfortable with. Remember that this may not stop once you sign the contract — extending a lease for extra long periods of time is always highly possible. Note that we are talking of years in terms of measurement where five years at a minimum and 10 years higher at high.

What it may entail on their end

Fact of the matter is that long term leases lessens the possibility, more so, the cost attached of having faced with a situation of re-leasing the space or finding a new lessee. This is financial security at its finest.

What it means on yours

Should your business grow and within the lease contract and the sudden urge to expand becomes an easy option, a long term lease can be very limiting and could hinder greater possibilities. We are here to help you plan and negotiate without sacrificing your business goals, in a long term fashion.

A renewable short term lease

This allows you to have full control of the lease should anything unexpected comes up, good or bad. The ability to extended leases after multiple initial leases expiration is a great option to take; this is in comparison to a long term one as described above.

A double-edged sword

As attractive as it may seem, this may pose some flipsides which includes a raise in the previous rent cost. A sure pocket-damage that we can somewhat negotiate on each renewal term. This is a high risk possibility if your commercial location is in demand.

Leases and you as a business owner

There are many facets to leasing a commercial space. The first and foremost consideration would be money. Did you do your best to achieve the best possible time duration and rate?

Did you allow enough time for such big business decisions? Did you make sure to stick to long term priorities and not be compulsive in addressing immediate needs that are based on short term goals, carried out through uneducated business decisions?

Do you have the best representation that does not take for granted the possibility of conflicts and dangerous financial risks? Did you consider all facility choices without and kept your representation well briefed and involved?

Are you ready for unexpected delays that may be caused by “as-is” properties which puts you too even much greater risks? Are you paying too much rent?

Or is it as simple as taking too much space when you didn’t hire your own space planner — which leads to an inefficient floor plan, wasting both space and cost.

If after reading you felt the need of assistance in negotiating a new lease, or the need change one of your leases arises — we have the skills and legal people to identify opportunities.