Cost-Benefit Analysis

We analyze your pricing, cost of goods, suppliers, labor costs and introduce ideas to fatten your bottom line.

When we talk of financial expenditures, an analysis would prove to be advantageous to establish data and facts on how acceptable or how inadequate a planned operating cost will turn out. While this kind of analysis can be used for almost anything, it is regularly done to strengthen or weaken financial decisions.

Key business strategists almost always like to have an idea whether additional human resource or a new machine’s benefit would outweigh the cost. Marketing campaigns is a sure way to increase customer awareness but would the returns be that significant to profit?

Is it a cost worth spending?

This type of analysis discovers and outlines the sum of all the benefits while withholding all detrimental factors. The disparity should help decide whether to implement or not, with all factors considered.

When everything begins with a choice

Should you hire an additional front desk assistant or assign overtime? Is it a good idea to put a new elevator that serves all floors? Is it worth taking the risk to expand to a new site or improve the current location?

That new elevator looks convenient

Let’s say that a construction plan for a $550,000 escalator for a 2-storey hotel is already in place. Proposals are tricky enough, even more with the cost attached to this project. You know best that you need all the best “push” that you can get for it to materialize. So, you decide to run some numbers and do an analysis.

Detailing values

This moving staircase can be used as an alternative to the mundane staircase. An escalator’s principal convenience is its ability to move large numbers of people at once from one area to another. The comfort it brings, requiring very minimal physical exertion. It boasts plenty of space, and is efficient at keeping people moving from one point to another.

These conveniences far outweigh the costs, if I’m not stating the very obvious.

Everything comes with a price tag

$550,000 is a hefty amount and it will consume some electricity. Any other costs would be insignificant.

Reckoning the unattractive

You’ve got the right idea, but leaving out a lot of detail. And this is where we come in. Besides the electricity consumption, did you consider the cost for maintenance that this new asset is attached to? Have you thought of more cost effective measures that could somewhat provide you with the same, if not more benefits?

Are you going to settle with anything less than a machine that does less, but will cost almost the same?

We start big and end bigger

We use current business statistics that shows you qualitative and quantitative data – all of which that businesses are too concerned about. Your consistencies that brought you where you are and what we should be doing to get you where you are supposed to be.

We make sure that every decision option we offer you is an informed one, that is: factoring every single detail from the very complex to the very simplest.